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IELTS Listening Necessary Information

  • Time Allowed – 30 minutes.(transfer time – plus 10 minutes)
  • There are 4 sections of the test.
  • Total 40 questions (10 per section) will be asked.
  • Each section is heard only once.

Areas of Assessment

  • Understanding of ideas.
  • Recognizing opinions.
  • Developing arguments.

IELTS Speaking Test Sections

Section 1 – Conversation in everyday social context

Conversation between two people will be included in section 1. You will hear asking someone offering or demanding some kind of services and exchange of information takes place. The questions are normally gap fill questions.


Section 2 – Monologue in everyday social context

Non academic subject will be included in section 2 in form of a speech, e.g.  speech about hostel amenities.


Section 3 – .Small group discussion in training or educational context

 e.g. a group of students discussing term paper.


Section 4 – Monologue in research context  
Subject will be based on academic topic. One person will be delivering a lecture.


Types of Questions

  • Multiple choice
  • Matching
  • Plan/ map/ diagram labelling
  • Form completion
  • Note completion
  • Table completion
  • Flow chart completion
  • Summary completion
  • Sentence completion
  • Short-answer questions


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